Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructor Prep Course III

Maryland-FlagFinal Course Scheduled

August 8 1830-2200        Classroom, Part I
August 9 1830-2200        Classroom, Part II
August 11 0800-1300      PPC Course & Classroom Part III

The goal of the Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructor Course is to provide experienced handgun instructors the opportunity to review the class, complete the Practical Police Course, receive a completion certificate, then submit an application for Maryland Qualified Handgun Instructor certification.

Maryland State Police Qualified Handgun Instructors (MSPQHI’s) are empowered (COMAR to administer and certify training, before handgun permits are issued or renewed, for certain individuals, including;   Holders of a Special Police Commission, Uniformed Security Guards, Special Railway Police, Watchman, Private Detectives and their Employees and Bank and Armored Car Guards.

Policies supporting recently enacted legislation may also require that all new handgun owners receive training from a certified Maryland State Police Qualified Handgun Instructor.

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