Thanks for the great RSO class on Oct. 19. This will go a long way to continue to develop my agencies firearms training program. You made the class enjoyable and interesting, and the day flew by. I look forward to the possibility of attending more training with you and would highly recommend your classes to anyone who has the opportunity to attend. Thanks again and God Bless

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your Range safety officer class.  Your knowledge of the subject as well as they way you engaged the students and kept us interested was magnificent.   I learned a great deal and will be taking more classes from you in the future. Thanks again,

I thoroughly enjoyed the course of instruction you provided me during the NRA Pistol Instructor Course.  It was informative, hands on training that maintained your attention and attributed to retention of the material.  Your dedication to the NRA and to providing this service so others can teach firearm safety is commendable.  Thanks again.

Hello Ben,

I hope you had a wonderful rest of your weekend.  I just wanted to shoot you a quick message to thank you for offering the Ladies Basic Pistol Instruction class on 9/11 – 9/13.  When my husband sent me the details about the class I was very much on the fence on whether to register or not.  However, I am very glad that I did. My main objective in attending was to become comfortable with the firearm that I own. The class exceeded that expectation and hit so many more!  Not only do I feel comfortable with the one that I own, I also am excited to have a much greater understanding of firearm safety, pistol & cartridge types and also the fundamentals of shooting a pistol.  My husband was pleasantly surprised when I suggested we go to the range sometime this week!  I would also like to specifically thank you and all of the other instructors that handled my reaction to shooting the .45.  It was nice to see the balance between support and encouragement to try again. Overall, this was a fantastic class and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to participate.

I really enjoyed your professionalism and knowledge of the subject matter taught in class.  Your approach to encouraging discussion was great.  It is always helpful to get input, and opinions from other participants. Your occasional joking, and light hearted manner made the delivery of the course material seem less tedious.  I look forward to taking many more courses.

I don’t generally do these, but you asked so I will. You were a very tough but fair instructor. I was never bored and pretty much always felt like I was learning something. From the point of view of a retired teacher and regarding the BIT training, you caused me to re-evaluate some of my teaching philosophy, and I am very appreciative about that. The Pistol course was pretty much what I expected, but I learned quite a bit from your elaborations and critique of our practice lessons. I’ll definitely be taking more courses from you.

Hi Ben,
I wanted to thank you again for a great class and even better birthday this past weekend. The women I met were wonderful and I learned a great deal. I want to applaud your efforts on your instructors too, what a top notch crew. They were extremely encouraging, respectful and friendly throughout the entire class. Kudos to Hiram, Matt, Alex, Norm and the others who were gracious enough to put up with all of us while helping us learn. I felt the entire environment was safe and comfortable. There were never any concerns over the basic fundamentals, general guidelines, the handling of the pistols, range safety or during the live shooting…. Thank you again and truly appreciate all you’ve done. Take care,

Hello Ben:
I wanted to thank you for teaching the BIT and Pistol Instructor courses at Mayberry GPA recently. I had wanted to take these classes for quite some time but often making it down to Frederick does not work well for me. As you know, I have taken several courses that you have either directly or indirectly taught or coordinated in the past. Like previous courses, I was more than satisfied with your teaching and interaction with the class. Your passion for teaching and sharing you experiences add great value and sincerity to those that participate in your courses… It is always a pleasure getting to see you and learn from you. Thanks for your contributions and until the next time, take care.
Safe regards,

I thoroughly enjoyed your course. You have a wonderful teaching style, I know this because by the end of yesterday everyone was working together and presenting with much more authority than when we started. (I have also had a great many good and bad teachers over the years.) I learned a great many things over the course of 3 days, the one that stands out the most is that I have a lot to learn. But, I did learned how to teach, how to reinforce and how to encourage; to keep it basic and stay on course. I will attempt to be present in as many classes as I am able to get to, to observe/assist with teaching Basic Pistol Shooting (particularly the range portion as that was eye opening.)

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the class today!! I learned so much today – not just about teaching but also about rifles. I’ve only been shooting rifles for about 6 months or so and was looking forward to learning more about them. It was a pleasure meeting you and your team and I hope to see you again soon!

Hi Ben,
I wanted to thank you and the other members of your team (Rhonda, Brook, Richard, Jim, Alex and names I don’t recall) who helped make this a truly great learning experience. I was surprised to learn that this is accomplished through all of your volunteering. You asked for feedback. I appreciate that the class was offered for ladies only and that there was a woman on your team. Rhonda, as was everyone else, was extremely helpful. Her input was extremely valuable when actually on the range when considering the weapons to try. You are a great instructor and I liked your approach to teaching such an important class. We had fun when it was appropriate and it was serious when all kidding needed to be put aside… Please pass my appreciation on to the entire team that helped make this course and program successful.

I cannot state enough how informative and beneficial the Shotgun Instructor certification course this past weekend was for me. I learned so much from both you and from Charlie, who was tremendously helpful and friendly. Thank you also for your attention to detail and your prompt submittal of the paperwork to the NRA. They have already updated my instructor credentials online! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for the content. Given the usefulness and excellent presentation of the shotgun class, I cannot imagine taking my rifle instructor class from anyone else. So, if you have room available, I would love to register …
Thanks again,

Dear Mr. Kelkye,
My wife and I just completed your Basic Pistol course in May. We would like to thank you and your staff for sharing your expertise with us. Your knowledge and presentation of the subject was very helpful to both of us. I would recommend this course to anyone who has, or is thinking of buying a pistol. The course is very beneficial to both the experienced and novice pistol user. Safety is the number one priority of the course from start to finish. The range time with the variety of type, and actions of pistols is very helpful in choosing what is most comfortable to shoot. I would like to extend my appreciation to you and your staff for what you are doing. Giving of your own time to help others is a noble thing. I look forward to further training soon,
K&G D.

The NRA Pistol Class that we just finished (11 May 2013) was hands down, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the best training class of any kind that I have ever attended. And I’m totally qualified to make that assessment, as I was a Certified Zenger-Miller corporate trainer myself for 5 years at General Electric.
Everything was done just right. For example, we saw the slides on the correct grip, and then immediately went to the table to do it on real firearms. That’s exactly the right way to train adults: explain, show, and then do. That’s the best way to acquire any kind of skill. I had picked up a firearm so many times in class that by the time we got to the range, picking up the firearm correctly was instinctive, almost like muscle memory. By the time we went to live fire, I felt completely confident that I was going to do everything safely. Prior to the class, I was worried that by the time we got to live fire I would be all nervous and filled with anxiety, but because of the work we had done during the two nights prior, I was totally surprised to find that I felt safe, calm, and confident.
Having us pair up as instructor and pupil and then switch roles was absolutely brilliant. I wish I would have thought of that myself when I was doing corporate training myself. Instead of just waiting your turn, it forced you to observe and think about what was going on, so that when it was your turn you had already gone through your head what you needed to do. A true stroke of genius.
And as a former corporate trainer myself, I noticed all the little stuff that you did exactly right, like turning off the projector each time when we were finished reading so that when you spoke our attention would be focused on you and not on the slide that was still on the screen. And when it was time for the next slide, you turned the projector back on so that our attention goes back to the screen, exactly like they train the trainers to do it.
So the bottom line is now after taking the class, I fell safe, confident, and knowledgeable around a handgun, which I didn’t feel before. So as one professional trainer to another: Well Done, A+.

Hi Ben,
Thank you for the great class. As you know, this was quite a groundbreaking experience for me. You may not know this, but you gave me a gem the other night and jolted my entire perspective on my mother’s shooting. When you pointed out that I didn’t finish the sentence “My mother was shot” with “by someone”. It has had a very profound effect on my thinking ever since. You see, I realize now that I was stuck in a victim mentality without realizing it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! After the .22 rounds today, I was so overcome with emotions, I wandered off and had myself a good cry. At first, I felt like I had betrayed my mother, then I realized it was time for me to live my life. Then I told myself to put on my big boy pants and get back in there. At that point, it was no longer about getting over a fear, it was about learning to be a better shooter. Thank you for walking with me through this experience. It truly was an empowering day.

Mr. Bill Poole,
Director of Education & Training
National Rifle Association of America
I wanted you to know what a great ambassador Ben Kelkye is for the NRA. Recently I have completed my first five NRA courses, three of which were taught by Ben. I have enjoyed Ben’s classes immensely. Ben is an outstanding teacher and has inspired me not only to continue learning, but to work towards becoming an instructor, as well. If I am able to convey half of the knowledge, skills and attitude that Ben does, then I know that I will be successful.

Mr. Poole,
I am an Instructor Candidate that recently attended Mr. Ben Kelkye’s Basic Instructor Class and Pistol Instructor Class. I am writing because I wanted to bring to your attention what an outstanding Instructor Mr. Kelkye is. I was a TRADOC Master Instructor in the Army for about 4 years. During that time, one of my principle duties was to evaluate instructors. I have sat through thousands of hours of classes, and Mr. Kelkye is certainly one of the best, if not the best, I have ever seen. In addition to thoroughly covering the material, and everything an NRA Instructor is required to do, Mr. Kelkye showed great poise in the classroom. There are always difficult students, and in any firearms course, a few “experts”. This class was no different. In dealing with these individuals, Mr. Kelkye performed professionally and extremely discreet. I believe that only an experienced instructor would have noticed the subtle clues to how he handled these situations, as well as controlled and guided the class.
In short, if I were asked to evaluate Mr. Kelkye as an instructor, as I am accustomed to doing, there were absolutely no deficiencies. Furthermore, I would struggle to find any critique as means of improvement. I traveled 2 ½ hours from Pennsylvania to attend his class. This was due to no other Instructor classes in my area. However, I am looking to add more classes to my instructor certifications (should I be selected), and will gladly spend the extra time to attend classes by Mr. Kelkye and his training team.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Mr. Kelkye was outstanding in how he made his students feel. Instructor courses that I have taken in the past have been rather dry. Mr. Kelkye’s class was never dry, and he kept the attention of the class the entire time. In doing so, his manner of conduct in the classroom was such that he built confidence in every student. Throughout the course, his positive reinforcement built a great feeling of confidence in everyone. Again, I will be returning to Mr. Kelkye’s classes, and could only hope to have a training mentor like him.

I have Known Ben Kelkye personally and professionally for approximately a decade. During that time I have had ample opportunity to observe and evaluate him as both an NRA Master Instructor and State Firearms Safety Hunter Education Instructor. Ben has consistently demonstrated the skill, knowledge, skills and attitude appropriate of a Master Trainer in all firearm and hunting disciplines. Ben brings dogged resolve and equal enthusiasm to all subjects he teaches and is infectious not only with his students but with those to team teach with him. He makes the programs he participates in better than the subject and material alone. He has excellent focus and administrative professionalism of the highest sort.
In summation I recommend Ben Kelkye for certification for NRA’s Advanced Pistol Instructor program without hesitation or reservation.

Ben is an excellent trainer. Just don’t say “clip” – call it a magazine or it will cost you a dollar!

Highly recommend Ben, great instructor.

Ben is a great instructor.

Ben immigrated from Iran many years ago and is fervent convert to America. He will wax poetic about our 2A rights in this country as something unique in the world. And you are right, he really knows his stuff.

…Ben really knows his stuff! The other instructors there were great too. Very thorough and took the time to explain things to the kids that were in the class. They were dead serious about safety.

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  1. I joined the September Class 9/14 It was the most experienced class I have ever been a part of Mr Kelkye is an excellent trainer his staff of experienced RSO Instructor’s made my experience easy and most of all comfortable . I would recommend other’s to Mr Kelkye classes .

  2. Thanks for another great class. You make it worth getting up that early in the morning. A really good instructor knows how to capture his students. I have never once looked at a clock while in your classes, the time just flies. You had my attention. Thank you.

  3. Ben,
    Thanks for a great class this past weekend. I learned alot and had a great time. Thanks for presenting the material in an easy to understand manner. I am proud of my first NRA Certified Instructor status in Basic Pistol and plan on taking many more Instructor courses with you and your team.

  4. Mr,Ben
    Thank You For a Amazing Class on October 19th, I Look Forward To Putting Everything You Taught Me As An RSO To Great Use. Thank You Again And Hope To See You At the Range.

  5. Ben,

    Thanks again for the great RSO class on Oct. 19. You made the class enjoyable while getting a lot of information across in a short time. The day flew by, and I wish it had been a 2 day class. I’ll put the training to good use in my agency’s firearms program. I would recommend your classes to anyone who has the opportunity and hopefully I can attend another of your classes in the future. Thanks again and God Bless.

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